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When you need to find a table to sit at start with Berco Design. Berco has added so much much more with wood and metal seating and stools, booths and collaboration configurations.


David Edward

Design is intended to make a statement. David Edward has a history of making their statement with elegant forms in seating, stools and guest seatinglounge, benches and tables.  


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Flat Technologies

Why should I specify FLAT?

Provide your customers with a solution to both stability and alignment...Specify either FLAT table bases for new establishments or renovations or FLAT Equalizers for places with existing wobbly tables. You can specify for any environment – with such a wide range of bases, you’ll find a style.

Choose a floor type without having to worry about the tables' stability. Keep authentic features such as wooden/uneven floors; utilize uneven outdoor areas.Enhance your reputation for specifying innovative, problem-solving products!



Merge Works

At Merge Works, we combine engineering and innovative design to help transform offices into functional, beautiful workspaces that promote collaboration while providing the visual and sound privacy workers need to stay focused and productive.

Our products include desk dividers, Modesty panels, Stackersroom dividers, dry erase boards, glass boardssit stand deskstables, and accessories. Every order is customized to meet our customers’ needs, and all products are manufactured in our state-of-the-art facility in San Antonio, Texas.

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Hello Montisa

For over 111 years, Montisa furniture has been made from good honest materials and made for a hard day's work. Our growing product line is built around the things you use each day: STORAGE, HOLD, SIT, AND WORK

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My Collaborative Spaces

Give them what they want? No, give them what they need!

Height adjust-ability in the workspace is a requirement for health and wellness, productivity and the ability to help attract and retain your most important asset - your people! 

Height adjustable tables, monitor arms, Desktop sit/stand and other accessories are the focus of My Collaborative Spaces. 


Love Letters


Italian design, functional and great applications from seating, tables and accessories. Did you know Segis has GREAT stack chairs and folding tables too?? Like all of our lines this manufacturer continues to evolve to compete with quality, price and service as its foundation.


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Slyde Innovations

Bringing power to where you work is not always easy and not always functional. Slyde provides innovative ways to integrate power into storage and divider options. Check out the Divyde and Versa or their website below for a full list They have also developed a great tote for keeping you materials with you in a mobile workplace.


How we work

As a resource provider to our dealer and A&D partners we educate the market and support of manufacturers as they are applied to projects across the state.