Acoustical & Architectural Products

(A)bsorb + (B)lock + (C)over = Acoustical balance

We got the equation covered




Sound masking, paging and audio, and mass notification

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Emagispace provides Privacy Pods to create smaller personal “workspace havens” that enable productivity and employee satisfaction while helping employers manage workspace efficiency.

Emagispace offers you a versatile, reusable building platform that can be easily, reconfigured and re-purposed – at a fraction of the time, effort and cost of traditional construction. See for yourself how easy it is to build interior rooms, tradeshow booths, retail or gallery displays with eye-popping results.

Many Architects and interior designers use our EmagiBlock platform as the backbone of their strategic custom projects.


Silhouette Outdoor 

Silhouette outdoor furniture provides quality outdoor furniture to the hospitality market, restaurants, and the growing corporate outdoor casual environments as well as an extensive portfolio of contract outdoor furniture and accessories specifically designed for any poolside, dining area, bar, VIP garden or balcony space. We will provide your project with beautiful custom products in any design you can create.